Our Philosophy 


At Jacaranda Cottage, we embrace a holistic philosophy of education, and seek to provide care and education based on wholeness, meaning and interconnectedness for the wellbeing of children, families, society and our planet.

We see our role as carers and educators to support families and to help children make and maintain meaningful connections to and between the worlds in which they live- family, centre, community, society and the natural world. We have an expansive view of education as the core of a lifelong journey towards wholeness, rather than just an accumulation of facts, figures or skills. We aim to provide an environment which helps children create meaning from their experience and learn to find their unique path and purpose, to live in harmony with others, and with the Earth that sustains them, and to nurture creativity and a love of learning that they can take with them throughout their lives.

We aim to create an environment that feels like a second home for children, families and staff, a place of belonging and acceptance and of strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our philosophy and curriculum is based upon the underlying principles of meaning, wholeness and connectedness with regards to Self, Others and Nature and we support this intentionally through our learning environment and curriculum. 

Connectedness to Self

Connectedness to Others

Connectedness to the Learning Environment

Connectedness to the Natural World